Health and Safety Representative for leading architecture and design practice

London (Central), London (Greater)
£25,000 - £30,000
08 Aug 2014
05 Sep 2014
Job Type

A leading architecture and design practice in Central London is seeking a Health and Safety representative to join their team. This is an integral role, with the purpose of encouraging and improving health and safety awareness and culture throughout the organisation.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

- To coordinate the Health and Safety Management Team to fulfil their key responsibilities;
- Ensure the health, safety and welfare of staff and others affected by our operations;
- Ensure we have an effective Health and Safety Policy and that it is reviewed at least once a year;
- Ensure adequate resources (particularly time, people, equipment and money) are made available to implement, manage, maintain and develop our Health and Safety Policy;
- Ensure that where the duty of care is higher, i.e. young and disabled persons, the appropriate level of health and safety provision is provided;
- Encourage all employees to consider the implications of all decisions that affect our ability to successfully manage health and safety;
- Use appropriate opportunities to encourage and improve health and safety awareness and culture throughout the organisation;
- Make the necessary arrangements to ensure every employee has and retains appropriate competence in health and safety to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities;
- Appoint a competent external health and safety advisor to assist in the successful management of health and safety within the studio.
• Assist and report to the Health and Safety Director, Health and Safety Management Team and Core Leadership Team in health and safety matters;
• Keep up to date and ensure compliance with current health and safety legislation;
• Report to the Director or Health and Safety Management Team on any issues that are considered to need an update of existing policy arrangements;
• Provide or obtain advice as and when requested or necessary regarding our Health and Safety Policy and check that the Policy is implemented locally;
• Conduct regular office checks and inspections, including office equipment and arrange for any actions from these checks to be dealt with promptly;
• Manage and report any spill or other environmental incidents on our premises;
• Collect and manage any information for our records: specifically accidents and near-miss incidents, and any unusual occurrences with health and safety implications;
• Undertake investigations into local accidents , near-miss incidents and all health and safety matters of relevance and provide the Health and Safety Director and Health and Safety Management Team with suitable reports;
• Act as a point of contact for feedback, comments, suggestions and discussion of health and safety matters raised by staff;
• Ensure that the Health and Safety documentation is prepared and maintained, and includes all necessary health and safety information, operating and maintenance instructions, and statutory inspection certificates relating to the areas of the building, the services and the office work equipment used by staff;
• Ensure that risk assessments of the studio environment, ‘normal’ office activities, workshop activities and other appropriate activities are carried out and the results are communicated to those needing to know, and that they are reviewed regularly and when situations change;
• Ensure, with the help of Domain Leaders and Project Leaders, that where local circumstances require, specific control or preventative measures including training, are developed and implemented;
• Ensure that induction training is given to new starters and existing staff when necessary;
• Ensure the arrangements for Fire and Emergency procedures are appropriate and in place and all staff are familiar with the requirements;
• Ensure that display screen equipment (DSE) workstation assessments are instigated for new staff, after significant changes to the equipment, the furniture, or the working environment and periodically thereafter;
• Ensure that a suitable PPE and project work equipment store is available and with the assistance of Domain Leaders and Project Leaders that an up-to-date equipment inventory is maintained;
• Ensure that sub-contractors engaged to carry out work at or on the premises are competent;
• Ensure that there are sufficient competent health and safety management staff (Fire Marshal, First Aid Personnel) with adequate resources for their location, they are identified to employees, and they are adequately supported to fulfil their responsibilities;
• Ensure that RIDDOR Notifiable events are reported to the Health and Safety Director immediately.

This is an amazing role with a dynamic and creative team. A passion for people and environments is a must as well as the capacity to understand and engage with the studio’s work, design processes, values, management and administration systems, and office management buildings and infrastructure systems.

Please apply without delay to Gabrielle Saw, Creative Support specialist at Adrem Group.