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The practice Adam Knibb Architects has been established out of a desire to produce, design, rationalise and deliver architecture that would enhance the ideas and aspirations of each client.

Having undertaken his architectural education at the prestigious Welsh School of Architecture (Cardiff), after the recommended period in practice Adam Knibb went on to complete his RIBA Part 3 qualification. During his education he gained a commendation for his final degree work and was awarded the Eisteddfod trophy in recognition for his creative architecture and design.

He joined John Pardey Architects by invitation from the director. Specialising in one-off private residential houses, Adam honed his skills in detailing and coordinating the delivery of modern contemporary houses, where two of the projects he worked closely were nominated for regional RIBA awards.

Adam moved on to Design Engine Architects to further his experience in modern ecological and sustainable buildings. He worked in a senior role within the architectural team to deliver a new University building, which gave Adam experience of working very closely with a variety of consultants at a high level of complex architecture.

Adam has always aspired to create a practice of his own to design contemporary sustainable architecture. Having gained wide experience in the field the practice has been developed to produce architecture that can respond to individual requirements and sites, whilst focusing on contemporary sculptured forms but also backed up with sustainable technology. Developed from various backgrounds the practice uses simple materials to craft buildings from their tectonic origins into grand elements.

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