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Studio Seilern Architects is a London based international creative practice established in 2006 by Christina Seilern with the intent of producing exceptional architecture that lasts, working across geographies, building sizes and typologies. Our diverse portfolio of built work spans the UK, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

We tackle a diversity of projects; it is our conscious decision to keep working on the smaller and larger scales both simultaneously and continuously: from new build to restoration works. Irrespective of size or context, each project they undertake informs another.

We believe that architecture does not just rely on innovation and design, but on the ability to deliver a project from conception through to completion. Our expertise lies within commercial, high-end residential, mixed-use, cultural, masterplanning and educational projects.

Following a practical, in-depth assessment of the client brief, our projects have an emphasis on investigatory and locally integrated approaches to the built environment. The studio thrives on projects that combine challenging sites and multiple stakeholders with the opportunity to create an integral relationship between architecture, the environment, and the cultural landscape.

SSA was established with the intent of continuing the strong design ethos developed during Christina Seilern’s years as Founding and Design Director of Rafael Viñoly Architects London.

 2021 sees us proudly celebrate 15 years of Studio Seilern in practice.





We are more interested in the architectural idea, rather than a sociological or semantic approach to architecture. We believe that every project generates its own set of rules and requires a dialogue between the author (the architect) and the reader (the client), rather than an imposition of a pre-conceived idea on a given site.

Every project is unique and is not burdened by a pre-conceived notion of aesthetic.  While experiential history is immensely influential on the generation of an architectural idea, we approach every project like a new adventure and a new investigation.  

This is essentially an anti-specialisation approach, as we believe that a fresh eye on any architectural approach is essential to the project.  We do not mass-produce or rehash ideas.  We embark the client on an investigatory voyage, where a strong dialogue between all parties involved will generate a unique solution.  

While many practices have gone down the specialisation route, we feel that through none-specialisation, but rather an informed investigatory approach, we are able to think beyond the accepted formulas of any given building type.  

Our work revolves around the idea that architecture constitutes public art at a larger urban scale. Therefore, every building responds and shapes its context. The character of the place is affected and shaped by our intervention, and consequentially we feel that our work must act as a reaction to a specific site and consciously address the impact that our intervention will have on it. Public space is therefore at the core of every project, however large or small.  

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