The Coach: ‘My boss doesn’t recognise my brilliance’

Careers expert Matthew Turner advises an architect who feels they have been overlooked
Written on 2/25/19

Although I have worked in my practice for many years, I feel like I still have a low profile – despite having been the backbone of many successful projects. They have passed me over on a number of occasions, and however much I try to excel at work, I never seem to be recognised. 

In today’s practice environment, it takes more than hard work to get ahead, and that is something that it sounds like you have struggled with. Do you feel that there are certain people who have the gift of self-promotion, who always seem to be in the right place at the right time to be noticed? They seem to have a sixth sense at recognising who to cultivate in the workplace and who to ignore, and which projects to put themselves forward for, and which to avoid.

Well, these people may exist, but the good news is this is not an innate skill. If you adopt certain behaviours, you can quickly see the results.

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