Blue Forest


Treehouses have always symbolised imagination and creativity. The name Blue Forest comes from the Japanese Region called “Aomori” meaning ‘Blue Forest’ – named after the ‘blue’ appearance of the distant pine forests.

Despite the traditional stereotype treehouses are not just for children! We have designed and built everything from treehouse hotels to blissful family retreats, kid’s dens, adventure play areas and canopy walkways. Each project is finished to the highest standard by our team of experienced craftsmen.

We are an award winning treehouse company and pride ourselves on our highly skilled team, including architectural designers, interior designers and project managers. The network of craftspeople, engineers, suppliers and manufactures who work with us ensure our treehouse schemes are at the forefront of sustainable luxury design.  

The Blue Forest team are passionate about the wellbeing of the environment and are keen to promote sustainable principles and ethics throughout the design and construction process. The majority of the timber used throughout our projects is FSC/PEFC certified or sourced from sustainably managed forests where there is an active strategy of replanting and habitat regeneration.